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    Firm and Culture

    A consulting firm, done differently

    At Blue Altair, our work is powered by a culture of passion, integrity, and respect. We’re client-focused, employee-centric, and partner-tied; a trio of the most powerful tools for success.

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    Firm & Culture

    About Blue Altair

    With strong roots in the consulting world, we evolved from a successful business and technology firm to become Blue Altair. Our unique, custom approach aims to address the most complex challenges for our clients by eliminating technological barriers and employing innovative expertise to deliver an elite consulting experience. We serve a diverse set of clients ranging from small start-ups to large global companies, which span a variety of industries including financial services, technology, retail, automotive, media and entertainment, healthcare, and pharmaceuticals.

    Our success is rooted in our core values

    We are agile innovators, embracing change with an eye on the future. Powered by our culture of passion, integrity, and respect, we are client-focused, employee-centric, and partner-tied; a trio of the most powerful tools for success. Everything we do is aligned with our core values, which leads to the highest quality of output.


    Passion is at the core of who we are. Passion drives us every day, powering us through challenges both familiar and new. We solve problems and bring innovation not because we have to, but because we love to.


    Our passion is channeled through a fiercely bright lens of integrity. We approach all our projects, both internal and external -with a sense of honesty and ethical awareness that gives our business a spine of steel.


    Integrity fails and passion is thwarted without healthy, open channels of communication. We challenge ourselves to be open and frank and to trust that an honest truth, even when  uncomfortable, overrides everything else.


    We treat all our stakeholders – clients, partners and colleagues – with respect for the unique skills, experiences and perspectives that they bring.


    Execution fails without diligence, and we direct that focus on the smallest detail. We know what we need to do and we do it diligently and with persistence.


    We are an empowered lot. We take personal responsibility to drive successful outcomes for our clients, our colleagues and our partners.


    We conduct ourselves and our business while we deeply care about all living beings, the environment and about those who don’t have a voice or cannot stand for themselves.

    Community & Social Causes

    Empowering digital literacy

    We are passionate about global humanitarian efforts that support digital literacy around the world. By donating our retired technology hardware to The World Computer Exchange(WCE), we are helping to provide computers, educational content, and training to over 5,000 organizations in 78 developing countries.  Reducing the digital divide for youth around the globe.

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    Building integrity

    At Blue Altair, our two most valuable assets are our employees and clients. Our employees are happy to work for you because they’re happy at work with us. Connect with us to learn more about how we can help your company succeed.