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    Digital Application Development

    Building digital
    applications for tomorrow

    We help businesses on their cloud journey at every step, including building a cloud-native services culture, migrating monolith applications, and architecting highly scalable applications.

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    The power
    of cloud native

    Cloud native is a new, disruptive way of thinking to build next-generation, resilient, and flexible applications. Blue Altair thinks outside the box to architect using an iterative, DevSecOps and API-first approach, and adopts agile delivery models so our clients reap the benefits. Learn more

    Our approach

    We have developed a 5-step method for our clients' Digital Application Development journey—from understanding their business needs, to developing a flexible architecture, to deploying applications on the cloud.

    Experts in our fields

    Our highly-skilled team has deep expertise across the technologies, tools and frameworks that are required to build digital applications. From platform and infrastructure, to user interface and datastore, we have you covered.

    Tackling your business problems

    Blue Altair has helped businesses across industries adopt internet-scale applications on the cloud. No issue is too small or large for our team - we manage and operate all new age digital applications.

    Pain points
    we address

    Among others, we can capably take on DevSecOps or DevOps challenges within your company, including workshopping strategy, integration from multiple silos, platform and mobile integration, and UX/UI designing. Our team of SMEs have answers to whatever questions you might pose.

    Cloud computing for your business

    Cloud computing has been enabling businesses to move ideas into production quickly. Based on where you are in your digital journey, Blue Altair can help you build a cloud-native services culture, decouple and migrate monolith applications, and architect highly scalable applications.

    Our Technologies

    A new way
    of thinking

    Using our iterative API-first way of thinking, Blue Altair’s delivery model helps clients benefit from both microservices and serverless architecture, while our DevSecOps approach automates the integration of security best practices. With these in place, our clients benefit from both highly efficient and cost-effective ways of addressing their business needs.

    We cover all the bases

    Our SMEs have a deep understanding and ample experience using a wide variety of Digital Application Development programs and cloud hosting solutions, including Python, Java, C++, C#, JavaScript, AngularJS, NodeJS, AWS, and Google Cloud.

    Start your journey

    At Blue Altair, we know that understanding your company’s digital application journey is essential to defining a winning approach. Our mission is to drive innovative solutions to keep business strategies ahead of the curve by adopting transformative technologies, streamlining technical capabilities and maximizing ROI. Let’s talk more about how we can alleviate your company’s pain points.