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    Client Success

    success at every turn

    At Blue Altair, we attribute our above-industry of success to a combination of our methodology, diligence and hard work.

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    We work hard so,
    you don't have to

    Mitigating issues with project communication and timelines shouldn’t be on your to-do list. At Blue Altair, our experienced project managers and business analysts provide transparent communication, quality assurance, and analytical accuracy. For Managed Services, we have team members across the globe to offer 24/7 support - leaving you more time to grow your business. Learn More

    Superior project management

    At Blue Altair, we set high standards and rigorous processes for all projects. We employ robust approaches, assets and tools for all stages of our engagement with clients, making successful delivery of projects inevitable.

    business analysis

    We transform nuanced business requirements into achievable goals. Our simple business analysis frameworks transform complex business needs into controlled implementations. 

    quality assurance

    Our team of experts uses a broad set of testing capabilities that extend beyond traditional QA. Our comprehensive automation frameworks include testing REST APIs and web-based apps, and we offer QA-as-a-service (QAaaS).

    managed services

    We offer a range of comprehensive Managed Services to help our clients not only keep their operational lights on, but also act as strategic partners to help improve their architectures and implementations to reduce costs.

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    Your happiness is our goal

    Maximize the chances of successful and complete delivery of your projects using our unique and diligent approach to project management with our team of expert professionals. Our track record proves the high rate of successful delivery of projects.

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    Our project delivery model

    To serve the diverse needs of our clients, we employ Agile or Waterfall or Hybrid project delivery models as well as structured methodologies for seamless change and risk management. We also adapt ourselves to our clients' existing delivery models. This approach offers a proactive and highly personalized level of engagement.


    A broad set
    of testing capabilities

    One of our biggest goals is to automate requirements management. Blue Altair has introduced a comprehensive, customizable and reusable automation framework for testing that includes testing of REST APIs and Web-based applications. Our domain and technology professionals are highly skilled in performing various types of testing—functional, automation, API, performance, security and much more—and delivering thoroughly vetted, complex projects.

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    Partnerships with elite technology leaders

    We collaborate with leading technology partners who enable us to leverage modular, scalable, production-grade data management and AI capabilities across an enterprise. We also offer a variety of services including UX Design, Requirement Engineering, Systems Architecture Optimization, and more.

    Let us help you succeed

    Whatever your need may be, it will be our top priority to address it. We take our consulting services seriously, and our entire goal is to empower you to advance your business. With our background in client delivery and excellence in project management solutions, we’re sure to be the best fit for your company.